About The College

The college  - Department of pathological analysis techniques was established in 2017 , It is the third scientific and medical college following the two college of pharmacy and dentistry .
 It is a scholarly educational scientific institution of public benefit. It seeks to prepare staff members providing health services in fields of laboratory tests, blood tests, maintenance of lab devices, pathological analysis, chemical tests, tissue slides and all kinds of lab solutions.


The college employs scientific, experienced staff using the most modern teaching methods in all fields of pathological analysis to prepare graduates capable of serving the society efficiently.


1.    Training and qualifying the students in clinical labs to address the current and future needs of healthcare at all levels and types as well as the requirements of the research centers in Iraq.
2.    Cooperating with Ministry of Health and the other health institutes and departments, colleges interested in teaching laboratory medicine  to raise up the quality of education to the highest level of awareness.
3.    Applying effective programmes of continuous learning for the staff working in medical lab techniques.
4.    Preparing the graduates of medical lab techniques for outclass tests and higher studies programmes and expanding their scientific attainments.
5.    Organizing exhibitions of students’ activities in painting, calligraphy, and photography.
6.    Establishing partnerships with tourists and religious institutions in the fields of research and counseling in Karbala.
7.    Supporting the popular mobilization through visiting or volunteering at frontlines by students and    teachers.
8.    Ranking high in terms of scientific tests for 3 years running.