About the College

The College of Pharmacy was established Ahlulbait University in 2016. It is the first scientific college in this university and is considered as a scientific, educational, and research institution of public benefit, which aims at preparing personnel responsible for providing high-level societal health service in all fields of pharmeutical specialties.

The Message

The college aims at choosing the most modern techniques, for the sake of giving students the most important information to align with the modern and scientific developments. This is done by electing significant teaching cadre of lecturers, technicians, as well as providing students with the most modern knowledge by practical training within the colleges and hospitals.


1- Preparing pharmeutical cadre capable of practicing their work in health centers and pharmacies; taking care of patients; working at pharmeutical assessment labs, pathological analysis labs, medicine and medical appliances factories, and pharmeutical information bureaus.
2- Providing scientific advice to relevant ministries and institutions in the private and public sectors.
3- The preparing of a pharmeutical cadre holding high degrees (high diplomas- master degrees and PhD)  through an academic program for higher studies.
4- Performing scientific research in the different pharmeutical fields and holding conferences, seminars and workshops seeking to meet the societal needs, apply the development plans.